Intellectual Digital

Leyna Chiang was the co-founder of Identity Pop a creative agency. Clients included: Stationhead, Bevvi, HomeAware, Intellectual Digital, and Goodcell.

I produce and product manage the development of websites and digital assets.

Intellectual Digital

I was a co-founder of Identity Pop, a creative agency focused on growing a brand's presence, influence and revenue. We offered branding services, web development, and digital strategy.

Intellectual Digital was a client of Identity Pop. We were asked to develop their website and various digital assets including a promotional video for investors.

The Intellectual DigitalCompanies (iDC,iDG,iDBB) incubate, build, and invest in new technologies, software solutions, technology platforms, digital assets and emerging sciences.The Intellectual Digital brand successfully developed from our previous venture: Intellectual Patents Inc (IPI). The holding company, Intellectual Digital Global (iDG), is a private operating conglomerate that acts as a ‘Launchpad’ for distributive technologies, digital assets, technology platforms and emerging sciences.

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