Builder + Creative Thinker


Branding and site design direction for small businesses. 

Sans Air

Sans Air

I introduced partnership leads, and helped developed brand messaging and a landing page for Sans Air. 

Life & Living International Limited consists of 3 businesses: Hausco (over 20 years of experience in OEM/ODM providing homeware product design and manufacturing), JIA (a modern design houseware brand with oriental flair), and Haus Collection (retail channels in Asia offering designer houseware goods). 

St. Anthony's Market

St. Anthony's Market

I was hired to help re-brand St. Anthony's Market. In less than 2 months, with a limited budget I negotiated and hired a seasoned graphic designer to create a logo and implemented a new site design.

Found in 1992, St. Anthony's Market is one of New York City's original flea markets.