I work alongside founders and business leaders to

build ideas into success stories.


Leyna has earned a reputation among friends and colleagues as the go-to for big ideas that need fast actualization. She has launched a range of ideas into reality from e-commerce start-ups, products to events, with her earnest optimism, passion and empathy.

A seasoned operator with expertise in project management, production, merchandising, product development, and global sourcing. Her specialties include e-commerce, producing events, and retail pop-up stores.

She combines a holistic and pragmatic approach to ensure results, and anchor her efforts on positivity and team building. She believes that by empowering individuals, a success-oriented culture naturally emerges where all team members feel motivated to achieve breakthrough results for themselves and each other. At her core, she amplifies and lift those around her.

She is most passionate about supporting individuals and startups in building and reimagining systems at scale with positive and mission-driven initiatives.

A native New Yorker, Leyna currently lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Pre pandemic, during her downtime, she loves walking around NYC, practicing yoga, and sharing with others the best cocktail bars around. You would also find her giving talks at Wix Lounge on topics like 101 Best Practices for an Online Store.



Leyna has broad experience that spans the breadth of blockchain / crypto, creative agencies, family offices, e-commerce, home, and the fashion industries.

She co-founded a boutique creative agency, Identity Pop that focuses on growing a brand's presence, influence, and revenue. She was previously the VP of Operations at Intellectual Digital Corp. and worked on building various companies through its Launchpad.

She finds great joy in creating memorable and meaningful experiences that enable an inspired everyday life. Her current creative project is Papa Chiang's, a side passion business selling her dad's legendary homemade dumplings.

She is an investor in GAIAN, a wearable startup tech company and Mindhive, an immersive visual experience app.

She also works with Kohn Trading Co. with access to precious and rare diamonds and stones in the market.

Most recently, she had the incredible opportunity to be interviewed as a potential candidate for the first Operator in Residence at Seven Seven Six. Leyna shared her HAPPY framework to aid founders in advancing positive and impactful outcomes with a human and holistic approach.

Currently, Head of Ops at a 🤫 start-up.

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